Western Conference Finals Game 4 preview

Everett leads the Western Conference Finals 2-1, with game Four tonight in Kennewick, Wa. If Everett can win tonight’s game, they make game 5; an elimination game. Game 5 is at home in Everett and would cause for Tri-City to have a stressful game, for fear of losing the Western Conference Finals.

Both teams have played terrible during the second period during the first two games in particular. In game 3, Everett only allowed one goal in the second period which was a power play goal, where Tri-City allowed Everett to get two goals. Tri-City’s power play success has been phenomenal, and is deadly when on the ice.

Everett needs to keep consistent good lines, Head coach Dennis Williams best described it by saying “You know its like a light switch, you can’t keep turning it on and off. There too good of a hockey team.” After the loss to Tri-City in-game 2.

If Everett wants to be able to win tonight’s game, they’re gonna need to stay out of the penalty box. To avoid Tri-City from getting any power play opportunities. If Everett can get breakaway chances and play a full 60 minutes of hockey, they can take it to the elimination game on home ice.


Watch Patrick Bajkov talk about his Hat-trick and the 8-4 victory over Tri-City in-game 3
Video credit to Jesse Geleynse…

Written by: Chandler O’Neill


Images via, Everett Silvertips, Images

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