As many fans say: “It’s not a goodbye, It’s a see you later.”

As the Everett Silvertips season ended, fans couldn’t help but look back on the great success the team had. “We are all so proud of everything those boys have accomplished,” said Silvertips fan Mackenzie West of Granite Falls.

The fans of the Everett Silvertips said goodbye to three fan favorites who have been part of the organization for quite some time. Kevin Davis, Matt Fonteyne, and Patrick Bajkov are headed out the doors for the final time as players, but a few fans would like to say something about the players and the season first.

Mackenzie, age 16 gives her thoughts about the season and best wishes to the 20-year-olds. “This season has been a roller coaster, many great games and many sad games. We are all so proud of everything those boys have accomplished. They worked hard and deserved that Western Conference Final win! On Friday night’s game it was a hard one to say goodbye to the 20-year-olds. I’ve been going to hockey ever since they joined, so seeing them leave is a tough one, but I know they will make it far. They did amazing this season. It wasn’t a goodbye, it was a see you later. Those boys have a great future ahead of them.”

A dream come true for many fans, Christina Price, her husband Michael Price, and son Cavan took the trip to Swift Current to watch the Silvertips play in Game 6. The Price family has been a season ticket holder since 2006-07. Cavan has been attending games since he was 3 months old, and he’s now 6 years old; “He loves going to games and giving the players high fives when they enter the ice before games,” said his mom.

With many hockey seasons under the Price family’s belt, Christina elaborates about arguably the best season Tips fans have witnessed. “This season has been amazing to follow. The beginning was a little rough, but it seemed like the team found a good flow after the first couple months.” Christina also added, “The whole team has played smart and gritty all season. This group seemed so close to each other (and) it showed on the ice.”

With the Price’s attending Swift Current, Christina explains her experience while there by stating, “We went to the public morning skate (practice) Sunday and Cavan got to sit on the bench to watch. Thanks to Coach Dennis. He loved it.”

The talk about the arena is that it’s very small, extremely loud, and energetic, and Christina can confirm and elaborate on that rumor. “The atmosphere at the game was amazing. We were stopped many times by Bronco’s fans welcoming us to the arena and to Swift Current. That arena is loud. It was a very positive experience.”

A look back at the 20 year olds, and their success:

#38 Kevin Davis:
Captain & Defenseman Kevin Davis has been playing with the Silvertips for 5 years and holds the “franchise all-time games played” record with 347 regular season games. “I think it’s been so cool this whole process of going to the finals with this team and this franchise. The fans really backed us up.”, Davis said on Tuesday during interviews.

#8 Patrick Bajkov:
It was no doubt that Assistant Captain Patrick Bajkov had arguably the best season of his career and was an all-star player for the team. Bajkov put up 33 goals and 67 assists, giving him 100 Total Points. Bajkov has been the only player in franchise history to reach 100 points in a regular season.

Here’s a list of franchise records he broke in 342 Games during his 5 year career as a Silvertips player:
Franchise All-Time Points: 288
Franchise All-Time Goals: 112
Franchise All-Time Assists: 176
Franchise All-Time Points Per Season: 100 (72 Games played in the 17-18 season)
Franchise All-Time Assists Per Season: 67 (72 Games played in the 17-18 season)

Bajkov expresses his thoughts on Tuesday about his 5-year Silvertips career coming to an end by saying, “It was really upsetting having to leave this great organization. It’s something that sits in the back of your head and I still don’t think it’s really settled in. Throughout the week I’m sure it will more and more. Now I’m just proud to have spent my past five years here.”

#17 Matt Fonteyne:
With Matt Fonteyne earning 35 Goals in his last season as a Silvertips player, he clinched a 1-year contract with the AHL San Jose Barracudas on April 9th of 2018. Some fans say that he’s one of the 17-18 seasons most under-rated players. While Fonteyne is no record breaker, he does sit highly in several of Bajkov’s record breakers. Fonteyne also contributed 23 points in this year’s playoff season. With records showing Fonteyne as an Assistant Captain, he was later branded throughout the season as Captain.

“It’s crazy to be able to play this long into May… playing this far in the playoffs I think will only benefit the team and the players going forward.” Fonteyne said about the playoffs. He also added about leaving the organization after his 5 years here that, “It’s something that’s tough to put into words. I look forward to coming back and kind of checking in and seeing how everyone is doing. It makes me proud to say I’ve been a Silvertip for five years.”

WHL: MAY 11 WHL Championship - Swift Current Broncos at Everett Silvertips
EVERETT, WA – MAY 11: (Photo by Christopher Mast/Everett Silvertips)

*Do not quote me on this and I have 0 sources on these players leaving*
A few player’s that may not be coming back, as they are nearing the age cap or have signed NHL or AHL deals are as follows: Carter Hart, Ondrej Vala, Garret Pilon, Spencer Gerth, and Ty Westgard.

Looking at our possible team for next year, it’s looking very good in every aspect. The only thing that will for sure be missing is the three 20-year-old cannons, who had a great part in the 17-18 season success.

To leave on a good heart-felt note, here is one more message from Christina Price. “After Sunday’s loss the team came back to the hotel pretty late, we all stayed up and met them as they entered to lobby. Cheering them on and telling them great season. Our son gave hugs to many of the players who were somber but took their time to acknowledge us with handshakes and thanks. One of the boys was even thoughtful enough to wish me a happy Mother’s Day. Carter who has been one of our boy’s favorites even took extra time with him. Dennis also took some extra time to show his gratitude.” Price went on to say, “I was pretty taken back. We were there to lift spirits and to let them know how appreciated they were to us, and they made us feel the same.”

From the author: It was an honor to start-up this blog and provide you with free stories re-living the moment of the game(s). I hope that you will regularly check back here for a soon-to-come player interview, and more hockey content, plus whatever else arises.

Thank you all,

Let’s Go Tips & Believe in Green!

Written by: Chandler O’Neill
Edited by: Kalaina Stroyan & Chandler O’Neill

Images are not mine, Featured image and picture of Bajkov, Davis, and Fonteyne credited to Chris Mast/Everett Silvertips

Player quotes via Jesse Geleynse, of the Everett Herald.
(Thanks Jesse)

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