Hockey’s over, but I’m still writing…

Hello folks,

Recently I was asked by “The Daily News” to cover Kelso High School Men’s baseball in Bellevue, Wa on Saturday, May 19th. I travelled there to cover the Scotties (Kelso) and see if they could over come the Gig Harbor Tides to advance to the quarterfinals. Kelso over-came a late lead to advance to the quarterfinals.

Kelso then played hours later against the O’Dea fighting Irish, a team that is 21-3 overall. Kelso had no doubt’s about coming into this game and claiming the win. “It’s not over yet, we’re gonna keep going as much as we can. Ryan Parsons said “(And) hopefully win the next game, just get ready…. let’s keep goin”

The Scotties then stomped O’Dea 9-0 and are now headed to the Semifinals for the first time since 2012.

Read on about my gamer here:

“3A State Regional: Scotties topple reigning champs, then O’Dea to advance to semifinals”


17-18 Kelso High School men’s baseball team after their O’Dea victory on Saturday, May 19th

Written by: Chandler O’Neill


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