From Sunny in California, to Rainy in Washington; Silvertips goalie Dustin Wolf’s success story


Dustin Wolf’s Audio Interview⇓

From Los Angeles, CA to Everett, WA – At 16 years old, Dustin Wolf (now 17) made his WHL debut in the net for the Everett Silvertips. Wolf was a fifth round pick (104th overall). Wolf played in 20 regular season games for the 17-18 season. “It was a dream come true,” Wolf said on being drafted to Everett.

Wolf first started playing hockey a little before the age of 5, and started playing goalie at the age of 5. “I think it’s fun to have the pressure on ya,” Wolf said about why he likes being a goalie.

Wolf had his first pair of ice skates on at the age of 4. His mom, Michelle, said his first time was in preschool during Christmas break. After a total of two times on the ice, Dustin was off on his own.

His parents Michelle and Mike Wolf had season tickets for the NHL “San Jose Sharks” team. Mike and Michelle were season ticket holders for approximately 12 years (98-2010). Michelle was pregnant with Dustin in 01′ during the hockey season. “He would only kick me when the sharks stepped on the ice,” Michelle said about being pregnant with Dustin. He was born during a playoff run that the Sharks had, and 10 min after Dustin was born they had the San Jose Sharks game on. “He seemed to come by his love of hockey just from watching it,” Michelle added.

Dustin had to work hard right off the start and his success has not come easy, as he’s played with kids that were 98′-00′ born. Michelle stated that he never wanted to miss practice or skip lessons. In fact, he did extra lessons, and always worked hard with his teams. Dustin has been fortunate enough to play with older kids practically his whole hockey career. One of the first times was when he was 6 years old and he was asked to play with kids 2-3 years older. While it’s a very daunting task, Dustin clearly conquered it. Dustin credits some of his success to being able to play with older kids. “As of this past year playing with guys older than me has been a treat,” Dustin mentioned.

Dustin went through the “normal” schooling system until 4th grade. At age 9, hockey forced them to move to the LA area. While hockey in play, so was school. He started online school, as hockey on the West Coast forces you to miss lots of school. Coming to more present time, Dustin said, “maintaining my schooling was no easy task.” He also added, “Anytime I had was dedicated to my school on the road.”

His Parents have been with him for every long mile that hockey has moved Dustin. His father, Mike, commuted a great distance for 4-5 years, which meant they only saw him on weekends. Wolf has moved from Morgan Hill (CA) to Hermosa Beach (CA), then to Tustin (CA), and now resides in Lake Stevens. Previous to being drafted to Everett, Wolf played for three years in Los Angeles.

A message to Dustin,

Dustin from the moment you were born, we knew you were something special with that beautiful red hair. You have grown into an amazing young man with a never-ending passion for hockey. Your hard work and dedication has helped you to continue to reach your goals and we are so lucky to be a part of that through all the great times and even the challenges you have always continued to keep your sights set on your end goal. You still have work ahead of you but we know that you will get there. All the years of travelling to tournaments (a.k.a family vacations), all the miles driving to and from lessons and practices , and the crazy moves (with all the kitties in tow) have 100% been worth it. None of this has been easy but as a family we have made it all work. You always have set your sights high and have never given up on your dreams. You are an amazing son and an incredible, loyal, and caring young man. We love you with all our hearts and could not be more proud of you and all you have accomplished in these 17 short years. We know you have so much more that you want to achieve and have no doubt that you will do it. We can’t wait to see this journey of yours continue and know the future looks bright. There is no end to what you can achieve and you have already proven that by seeing how far you have come. Keep up the hard work and never forget what it has taken to get to this point. We love you and we will always be proud that you are our son.

Love Always,
Mom and Dad

My Vlog the day of meeting Dustin and Wyatte:


Written by: Chandler O’Neill
Edited by: Kalaina Stroyan & Chandler O’Neill

Images are not mine, Featured image credited to Chris Mast/Everett Silvertips

Thank you to his mom, Michelle, for making this possible. Thank you to Dustin for meeting with me.

(Special thanks to Shelley Wylie again)


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