NHL draft thoughts, and an extra story

I want to start out by saying, I’m so sorry for no activity from me, but I do have a lot to inform you about. Things that I’ll discuss in this post are… The NHL Entry Draft, A story that made the front page of a Newspaper, and a bit about my personal life.

Front page on the Newspaper:

I was asked by the Stanwood/Camano Newspaper to freelance a story about an annual car show. A car show that’s so popular it closes down Main Street for a whole day. Sunday, June 24th was the day of the show. To make things even more exciting, the car enthusiasts do a 2-hour cruise up-and-down Main Street. But they don’t just cruise… they shred tires, they drive fast, and everyone has a great time. The car club who puts on the show, gives ALL money they receive from this show back to the community. Read on about an amazing car show, and my awesome article ⇒ Twin City Idler’s Show & Shine Car Show.

Here’s a few pictures ⇓


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NHL Entry Draft:

Now we all know the outcome of this one. But… I wanted to give my take on it.

We had three Silvertips up for grabs in the draft, and ALL went. From what I know this has been the most in one draft for several years for Everett. Now let’s get to the good part and talk about “our” players.

Wyatte Wylie, #127th pick to the Philladelphia Flyers:
With a hometown native and fan favorite – Wyatte Wylie, this is a huge success for him coming straight out of Everett, and being drafted into the NHL. In my honest opinion, he should have been drafted way before the #127th spot. Wylie was ranked #71 on the final NHL Central Scouting list. Wylie jumped up majorly before the final scouting list was published. Too see Wylie go so late in the draft, was a little disappointing in my eyes. BUT he made a huge accomplishment in getting drafted to Philly and has Carter Hart with him. I know hometown fans wish you luck Wylie!

Riley Sutter, #93rd pick to the Washington Capitals:
Riley Sutter – Sutter has a big name to live up to – so to speak. Sutter has been an exceptional player on the blue line for the Tips and it shows in his stats. Especially with his faceoffs. Sutter was a big help in the circle. With Sutter dropping spots in the scouting list, it was no doubt that Wylie had a role in that. Sutter definitely deserves the spot he claimed with the capitals, and has former Silvertip teammate Garret Pilon with him. Many fans wish you the best of luck Sutter!

Connor Dewar, #92nd pick to the Minnesota Wild:
Connor Dewar – the “Pitbull” was certainly a guy that many fans WANTED to see get drafted, and it certainly happened. With Dewar living up to his nickname, he was a top scorer for Everett, reaching 38 Goals in the regular season. Some people said Dewar was “underrated” and just wanted to see him get a chance. Others said that his attitude and size couldn’t compete at this high of a level. With Dewar not even being ranked on the scouting list at first, his fierce attitude and ability reached him to the #117th spot in the final scouting list. Dewar was the highest draftee from the Silvertips this year. I know lots of fans are wishing you success Dewar!

Written by: Chandler O’Neill

All other photo’s owned by me.

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