Local hockey star, Dawson Butt

Dawson’s interview 10-04-18⇓

Old photo of Silvertips forward Dawson Butt, and Thunderbirds defenseman Aaron Hyman in mid brawl. (Photo via Auburn Reporter, Photographer Brian Liesse)

Local teen, hailing from Buckley, Wa. Dawson Butt, is definitely a crowd pleaser when the mitts are dropped. Butt (Age 18) started skating at the age of 3. He started playing Hockey at age 3. His Dad, James (Jamie) Butt, gave his son the hockey blood. Jamie played hockey in the WHL, WCHL, and was drafted to the NHL’s New York Rangers, but only played pre-season due to an injury. The extent of the injury costs Jamie his hockey career. Dawson decided to pursue hockey, even after trying other sports. He simply felt destined to play.

Dawson gave up his social life with his friends to play hockey, as he had practice after school and didn’t have time to see friends. At a young age, he and his parents would travel to Canada on nearly a weekend basis for games. As his age progressed he saw less of a normal school life, and less of a normal social life. Dawson was okay with this, as his hockey career was progressing and he knew his family and friends stood behind him.

Dawson likes taking on the roll MOST would call the “enforcer”. He likes sticking up for his teammates and does not like to be pushed around. Dawson simply doesn’t view this any other way, but that he is simply another player on his team. Butt will do whatever it takes to get his team pumped up or defend a teammate who was taken advantage of. Butt likes to golf, play fortnite, and hangout with his friends and family in his free time.

A message to Dawson,


From the day your Dad and I found out you were a boy in my womb. I have had it in the back of my mind that you would leave home at 16 to play hockey. The reason why is because when we were at the ultrasound appointment and the doctor said, “It’s a boy”. Your dad turned to me and said, “You better prepare yourself because he will be moving out when he’s 16 to play hockey”. As a mom I didn’t like that hearing that because all I could think about is my baby boy.

As time went on and from the moment you could play with toys, you had a hockey stick in your hand. At first, when you started to learn to skate at 3, you would rather make snow angels than skate. Falling and getting up constantly was hard work. Little by little you had skating down to a T and you were zipping around with a stick and puck.

Each season I watched your skills improve. For quite some time you played with older kids because you were a natural and you could hang with them. It got to the point to where you had to start playing with kids your own age, meet new team mates, change associations, and make lots of memories.

This journey with hockey that started so long ago has been your dream, your passion, and you made it happen. You have set goals for yourself and keep moving towards them and when you feel defeated you get back up. Keep your dreams alive, always push forward and go after what you want.

That day 18 years ago when I was told you would be moving out at 16 became a reality. A reality that I couldn’t be prouder of. I love you so much and I will always be here rooting you on. I’m excited for you and your journey. This is only the beginning!



Written by: Chandler O’Neill

Images are not mine, Featured image credited to Brian Liesse.

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