Silvertips defeat the Thunderbirds in a back to back appearance

Everett – The Everett Silvertips blew the Seattle Thunderbirds out of the water in a 7-2 victory in front of 8,317 fans at Angel of the Winds Arena. With back to back games against an in state rival, it’s always going to be a tough and physical hockey game. With the Silvertips coming off a win against the Thunderbirds at Seattle, the Thunderbirds needed a win to not lose two games in a row, to the same team.

At the start of puck drop both teams looked energized and ready to play. Everett got the first power play of the night early in the first period. The Silvertips were unsuccessful and didn’t capitalize on their PP chance. With the First period half-way through the shots on goal for Everett was 2, and Seattle had tallied up 4. Dawson Butt was in front of the crease with 7:50 left to go, and whilst taking a shot he was pushed from behind, Everett fans were displeased with a no call.

with 30 seconds left, Dewar crossed from the right circle and was headed far left post when he got Seattle’s goalie to dive straight out for a save where he put it into the empty net. Everett’s goal put them up 1-0 at the end of the First period. Butt did suffer a hit at the Seattle bench, after the hit he skated off and looked to be holding his right wrist.

Opening the Second period, Butt was not seen on the Silvertips bench. The Thunderbirds were addressed a penalty 2:43 into the Second. Dewar would earn his second goal of the night, 12 seconds into their power play opportunity. Everett and Seattle would both be issued penalties 8:25 into the second period. Jake Christiansen would net the puck with 9:08 remaining, making it 3-0. Nearly a minute later, Dewar would earn a hat-trick and make it 4-0.

Seattle would finally tally a goal with 2:18 left in the second period when Andrej Kukuca would wrap around the net and just barely get it past Dustin wolf’s leg, as Wolf was trying to get back to the right post. At the end of Second period, Silvertips would lead shots on goal 19-18, and be up 4-1.

To start the third period, nearly 30 seconds in, Gianni Fairbrother fired the puck from the top of the left circle and from my view clearly netted it. The final call announced, that this was a goal from Dewar who was at the goalie crease, making it 5-1 in favor of the Silvertips. Gloves were dropped at 4:21 into the final period with Everett D-man Sahvan Khaira, and Seattle’s LW Tyler Carpendale. The fight quickly ended when both players tripped up and fell to the ground ending the fight.

Dewar was attacked by 3 Seattle players at the top of the goalie crease right after Everett turned over the puck. Dewar then moments later laid a hit on Thunderbirds player Matthew Wedman, the initial hit was not called but did start a small line brawl. But Fairbrother and Thunderbirds player Jarret Tyska was definitely the main fight of the line brawl. Four penalties were issued to Seattle and three penalties were issued to Everett.

After a cross checking penalty was issued half way through the period, Bryce Kindopp would get a PP goal after shooting an awkward angle hitting it off the Thunderbirds Goalies skate making it 6-1. Whilst still on the PP Wyatte Wylie would find an open lane from the center of the blue-line and net the puck, nearly knocking off the goalies water bottle. Everett would now be up by six points making it 7-1. With only 4:16 left in the Third period of play, Seattle would tally their second and final goal of the game, Everett would win 7-2 with 3 straight wins, and 3 straight Hat-tricks.

Written by: Chandler O’Neill

P.S. It feels so great to be writing again. I havent wrote a big article like this since summer so I am a little rusty, and I don’t have an editor as of right now, so please bear with me on errors. If you do see one just message me about it so I can correct it. I apologize for being gone so long, I wasn’t able to always have access to hockey games this year. I also won’t be posting photo’s on here unless they’re viewer submitted OR I ask a fan for them. I’m hopefully being sent photo’s soon to use every so often. Thanks everyone, and GO TIPS!!

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